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Our Platform

Empowering you to manage your Lyme journey across treatments, physicians and phases, so you can focus on Lyme less and live more.

LymeLess is a health technology platform focused on the nuances of Lyme Disease + coinfection treatment, with the goal of facilitating a more effective treatment journey.


For patients, our platform assists in:

  • tracking symptoms and severity

  • managing treatment plans and notifications

  • documenting history and progress


For physicians, our platform provides:

  • real-time patient progress reports

  • patient treatment and communication tools

  • historic data on patient treatment efficacy


Help us create a Lymeless world:

We are in the development phases of the LymeLess platform, and we need your help! Fill out this form if you are interested in:

  • staying up-to-date on the progress of LymeLess

  • testing early products & features

  • connecting with us to share your experience with Lyme Disease

From simply showing interest, to being actively involved, you will be able to help us build an effective platform for everyone facing the challenges of Lyme Disease.


Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, thoughts or ideas! We would love to hear from you.

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Who We Are

A brother and sister duo using our personal Lyme Disease experiences as motivation to change the way the world treats Lyme. Born and raised in South Dakota, living up and down the West Coast, and now working in New York City, we have experienced what it means to treat Lyme across the country - it's difficult to say the least.


After caring for our mother, who was bedridden for two years before finding her Lyme Disease diagnosis, we were both diagnosed with Lyme and various coinfections. From our mother's experience, we can understand the frustration of feeling sick without answers. From our own experiences, we know what it's like to work with doctor after doctor, expert after expert. We've undergone surgeries that proved unnecessary, tried outlandish therapies, and struggled to remember the side effects and successes of past treatments as we continued to fight.


Payton & Carter
Co-Founders of LymeLess

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While reflecting on this process and its challenges, we came up with the idea for LymeLess: a platform that will assist and empower patients and physicians to overcome the challenges of personalized Lyme Disease treatment.

Recognizing the uniqueness of our Lyme treatment journeys, we also know that we don't know everything about what it means to struggle with Lyme. That's why we hope you'll share your story with us, so we can build LymeLess for you.


Well done is better than well said.
Benjamin Franklin

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