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Let's find your path to
life beyond Lyme+

Intelligent Lyme+ guidance. Personalized care management. Care team matching & coordination.

All with the help of your AI nurse, Ella.

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Our Platform

With a patient-focused mobile app and robust tooling for physicians - integrated with our artificial intelligence (AI) trained nurse - patients and physicians experience personalized and streamlined Lyme+ treatment.

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Patient Interface


Physician Interface


AI-Nurse Assistant



Together, we will simplify your treatment process

From early education to full-scale treatment, understanding and managing a Lyme Disease diagnosis can be incredibly complex. Using proprietary LymeLess data, our Al-trained nurse, Ellawill help simplify the process.​

You will be able to​

  • ask questions about your diagnosis,

  • clarify the purpose of your treatments, and

  • seamlessly manage your care plan and symptom intake

so you can focus on Lyme less and live more.

Together, we will frame the picture of your health

Our mobile app provides tools to efficiently

  • record your comprehensive medical history

  • manage your day-to-day treatments, and

  • track your symptomatic response

to discover what is most effective for you.

Care Coordination

Together, we will establish a coordinated approach to your health

For your physician: Our platform compiles your treatment progress and medical history into informative, real-time reports, so they can understand your experience, no matter where they are or when they join your team.


For your caregiver: If enabled, this feature empowers caregivers to seamlessly access your treatment updates and health status via a dedicated mobile app, ensuring they stay informed and connected to your health journey.

Together, we will work with your care team – or help build one

Our technology is able to align your personal experience with community-vetted Lyme-literate physicians and specialists that are knowledgable, accessible, and understand your journey.



With LymeLess, you control your data.

Privacy and security are at the heart of LymeLess technology. We will never share your information with a physician, caregiver or third party without your consent, so you can be confident in the security of your personal health information.

LymeLess is transforming the way Lyme+ is treated.
Personalized, comprehensive, accessible care,
every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use LymeLess if I'm already working with a doctor to treat Lyme?

Yes. LymeLess has features to coordinate your care with your physicians, whether they are in the LymeLess network or not.

Is LymeLess for acute or chronic Lyme?

Both. LymeLess is helpful for anyone managing symptoms or treatment in any stage of Lyme Disease.

Does LymeLess only address Lyme Disease?

A Lyme Disease diagnosis is complex and often involves other infections and conditions - we call it Lyme+. LymeLess is built to handle your full Lyme diagnosis, including co-infections like Bartonella and Babesia, and contributing factors like mold toxicity.

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