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Your Partner in Lyme+ Care

LymeLess is on a mission to revolutionize the way the world treats Lyme+ by learning from
the story of every patient.


Our Story

We’re a brother and sister duo using our family’s personal Lyme Disease experiences to inform and change the way the world treats Lyme+.

Our experience with Lyme+ started on the caregiver side while supporting our mom on her search for answers. After watching her suffer for two years before officially being diagnosed with Lyme, we then came to experience the disease personally when we were both diagnosed with Lyme and various co-infections, which we call Lyme+.

From our mother's experience, we understand the frustration of feeling sick without answers. From our own experiences, we know what it's like to work with doctor after doctor, struggling to remember treatment options and side effects while continuing to fight.

Thankfully, after years of struggle, we were able to get our lives back, and now, we’re committed to helping other Lyme+ patients do the same. Blending our personal experiences with the disease and our professional expertise in engineering and technology, we’ve built LymeLess. This pioneering AI platform is tailored specifically for Lyme+, acting as your intelligent guide and treatment management partner on your path back to “life beyond Lyme.”

We hope you'll join us as we embark on this journey of revolutionizing the way Lyme+ - and eventually all other rare chronic diseases - are recognized and treated.

– Carter and Payton Bradsky, Co-Founders of LymeLess

Join us to ensure the quietest voices
in healthcare are heard

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Our Partner

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