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Wondering if you might have Lyme+? 

Take the Horowitz / MSIDS questionnaire to help determine your probability of having Lyme and other tick-borne infections (Lyme+).

MSIDS Questionnaire


Take the Questionnaire

Published in peer-reviewed medical journals, the MSIDS model is a 38-point assessment to identify sources of infections, immune dysfunction, and inflammation contributing to your illness. 


Review the results with your provider

Receive your results via email, print them off and take them to your provider to start on your journey to life beyond Lyme+.


Continue tracking your symptom & care progression with LymeLess 

Persistent, chronic symptoms of Lyme+ can be difficult to track and may have a devastating impact on your quality of life. This underscores the importance of understanding your symptomatic progression and collaborating with a Lyme-literate practitioner for tailored care, diagnosis and support early on in your care journey.

Disclaimer: The Horowitz Lyme-MSIDS Questionnaire is not intended to replace the advice of your own physician or other medical professional. You should consult a medical professional in matters relating to health, and individuals are solely responsible for their own health care decisions regarding the use of this questionnaire. It is intended for informational purposes only and not for self-treatment or diagnosis.‚Äč


Copyright © Dr. Richard I. Horowitz, published in 'How Can I Get Better, An Action Plan for Treating Resistant Lyme and Chronic Disease', St Martin's Press, 2017.

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